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Each academic year presents challenges for Social Studies educators.  The 2023-2024 school year is no different.  As Social Studies educators, we play a unique role in our school settings - helping students understand both current and historical events in our communities, across the country and in the world.  Our work with students, parents, in our schools, districts and our communities matters.  Students rely on us to help them make sense of complicated issues.  The NYSCSS Board of Directors, our Committee Chairs and our members are committed to ensuring that all New York students graduate from high school and are ready for  lifelong learning and an active civic life.   

NYSCSS is a strong professional organization with a long history.  Our vision is to act as a market-place of ideas for New York Social Studies educators – a forum and a showcase for instructional strategies, materials, and programs; teaching methods; and advocacy through service.    We organize an annual convention in March and offer our members free webinars, a monthly newsletter, a bi-annual publication and many opportunities to get involved in our work.  You can be part of this professional network by getting involved in a local Council for the Social Studies and/or participating in  an NYSCSS Committee.   

I urge you to stay strong in your purpose as a Social Studies educator - even when it feels challenging.   We are our best advocates when we promote a full understanding of Social Studies and the importance of our work.   We are an affiliate of the National Council for the Social Studies which helps us understand issues Social Studies educators face around the country.  If you need help advocating for Social Studies in your local community, reach out to us.  NCSS Position Statements provide resources that can be used to support the teaching of Social Studies in local communities. Recent position statements include Media LiteracyHuman Rights Education, and Antisemitism, Antisemitic Violence, and All Bigotry and Discrimination.   These position statements help articulate our shared ethics, values and beliefs.  More position statements are available here

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at  

Lisa Kissinger

President, 2022-2024

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