Cultural Education Committee

The purpose of the Cultural Education Committee is to encourage cooperative work between educators, historians, archivists and museums resulting in curricula that reflects the goals of educators and meets State Standards.  Duties of the Cultural Education Committee include:

  1. Maintain close working relationships with cultural education facilities that offer programs to assist Elementary, Middle level and Secondary Education.
  2. Develop programs to promote our members awareness of the utility of Cultural Education materials and institutions, in instruction.
  3. Serve as the liaison body linking the professional social studies teacher and the Cultural Education community.

Co-Chairs:  Sheena Jacob, ( &  Jessica Karnes  (

Cultural Education Institute List 

(please note, this is a “living list” - we welcome any suggestions for additions via email)

Check out these Strategies for Expanding Partnerships with Local Museums and Institutions put together by Jonathan Dalbo of NFCSS

Committee Members:

  1. Rene Kazacos- Rush Henrietta School District
  2. Rob Canobbio- NYC Public School District
  3. Christine Filipkowski- NYC Public School District
  4. Kamillah Dawkins- Valley Stream School District


  1. Living History Museum  (Lower Hudson Region)- Joe Ryan
  2. Brooklyn Ethical Culture- Muriel Tillinghast
  3. Underground RR Project (Capital Region) Thearse McCalmon

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