Special Events Committee


Committee Role:

The Special Events committee will keep the NYSCSS Board and general membership informed/involved in Historical and Social Studies related events outside the General Education field. (i.e. the NYS Archives, National History Day, creating partnerships with local and state heritage organizations. US Semiquincentennial.

Strategic Plan Reference:

1. Advocacy for Social Studies: NYSCSS will advocate for practices and policies that support social studies education and civic engagement. We will commit to this by focusing on the following actions:

Maintain relationships with state and national lawmakers to promote social studies education.

3. Communication & Retention: NYSCSS will communicate cutting edge news, information, and best practices to members and support a statewide network of social studies professionals. We will commit to this by focusing on the following actions:

Create and maintain a professional learning network digitally, through a relevant organizational website and social media.

Committee Chairs: Rich Pyszczek (NFCSS President/Buffalo Public Schools) & Devin Lander (NYS Historian/NYSED Office of State History)


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