Summer Trips for Teachers to Germany and Poland

08 Apr 2019 6:25 PM | Timothy Lent (Administrator)

The Book Agency for Culture, Education, and Travel is offering summer trips for teachers to Germany and Poland. Read the descriptions in the linked file below and for full itinerary, costs, and detailed information, email

“Kaleidoscope” - An Educational Tour through German History,

July 03 – 19, 2019

Journey through German history . The trip begins in the Rhineland and takes us from the ancient Romans to the Middle Ages of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, the Northern Renaissance and the Reformation and its effects, Goethe and Schiller and Frederick the Great as well as the Napoleonic period. Finally, we come to modern times with the world wars of the twentieth century, the Holocaust, German division and reunification. We will also explore art, music and architecture. All this is to be conveyed and experienced through city tours, visits to churches, synagogues, museums and memorials, as well as lectures and discussions. This is the ideal trip for AP European History teachers and those who just want to learn more about the rich history of Germany.

"Holocaust and Human Rights“ Trip through Germany and Poland

July 21-August 04, 2019

This educational trip takes us from the Third Reich and the Holocaust, through the communist dictatorships in the GDR and Poland with the Stasi and the peaceful revolution in Germany and Solidarity movement in Poland, to contemporary issues of migration, discrimination, antisemitism and Islamophobia. All this is conveyed and reflected through guided tours to original sites, memorials and monuments, museums, educational institutions and interactive workshops. The journey also offers time for an intensive exchange between the participants and reflections on what they have experienced, and how to teach historical events and human rights today and how to sensitize and enable students to defend themselves against injustice, There will be also opportunity for individual discovery of both Germany and Poland.

Summer Trips for Teachers to Germany and Poland Newsletter Article.pdf

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