ALBANY, NY -- The Executive Committee of the New York State Council for the Social Studies acknowledges the unique situation that impacted attendance as a result of COVID-19 and are currently evaluating the situation.

Strands of Presentations

Empowering ALL Students (Circle)Social Action

How do we encourage learners to become active citizens and community members?

Technology and Innovation (Circle)Innovation     & Ideas

How do we empower students through technology to think creatively and share ideas?

Information and Media Literacy (Circle)Historical Connections

How do we guide students to see history through connections that demonstrate continuity and change over time?

Leadership and Learning (Circle)Globalization

How do we prepare all students to participate in a global economy and society?

Session topics could include: social action research, community service, project based learning with community partners, service learning, media literacy, educational campaigns, women’s history...
Session topics could include: flipped classroom, social media strategies, digital portfolios, increasing student engagement with technology, games, tools, best practices...

Session topics could include: international cooperation, global conflicts, imperialism, decolonization, social movements, struggles for power, geography...

Session topics could include: economics, human rights, impacts of technology on society, harnessing the power of ELL/MLL student experiences...

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