Geography Awareness Week

  • 19 Nov 2011
  • 25 Nov 2011
Geography Awareness Week
November 19-25, 2011
The Adventure in Your Community... Explore It! 

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   National Geographic has announced the theme of this year's Geography Awareness Week. It is "The Adventure in Your Community... Explore It!" It will be celebrated during the week of Nov. 19th to the 25th all across America. The New York Geographic Alliance strongly encourages all our teachers and students participate in this program.
   The office of the NYGA has just received posters for this event. If you would like some for your school, contact Tim McDonnell or Carol Gersmehl. Students can receive badges for four different activities: Photography, Mapping, Storytelling, and Taking Action. All these activities take place in their communities. For example, they can earn the Photography Badge by taking photos of their neighborhoods from a bug's point of view. Or they can get a Take Action Badge by participating in a clean-up activity. There is a new website about to be launched by National Geographic Society that will give teachers more resources:
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