June 2, 2012 Human Rights Committee Agenda/Report

Date:  June 2, 2012

To:  Human Rights Committee Members & Board of Directors

From: Barbara Bernard and Vince Marmorale, Co-Chairs

Re:  Board Change-over Meeting Agenda/Report

I Committee Charge:

  • Review the committee’s charge from the Executive Committee.

    - Review curriculum documents and assessment tools and concepts.

    - Publish resource, methodological and curricular material.

    - Work with the Convention Planning Committee to provide sessions on human rights

-Assist local councils in meeting the needs of their members in terms of enhancing      

instruction in human rights.

  • Establish specific goals for the year.

  • Develop a calendar and work assignments.

  • Conduct an end-of-the-year review

II Review Curriculum and Assessment Documents:

  • Focus on incorporating human rights and the Holocaust into the common core.

  • Since our only meeting will be at the conference, it is imperative that we keep in touch in order to maintain an active Human Rights Committee.

  • Please e-mail material relating to human rights education to committee members.  A membership list is attached.

III Committee Goals:

  • Develop a common core unit on human rights and/or the Holocaust.

  • Please submit a title for an article for Time & Place or the Docket.

  • Develop a calendar and timeline for submitting articles.

  • Submit conference proposals for NYSCSS.  Proposal forms are on line.

  • Suggest titles for the committee round table discussion workshop proposal.

  • Participation in the NYSCSS Conference and, if possible, the NCSS Conference

IV Committee Members Activities:

  • Vince and Barbara presented at LICSS, NCSS, GMNY, and NYSCSS. Proposals to be submitted to the LICSS, GMNY, and NYSCSS for the coming year.

  • Vince continues to work on his documentary.

  • Bill Reilly coordinated a global project that connects teachers and students for purposes of achieving better cultural understanding.  They coordinate art exchanges and then sell the art to help build schools in Africa.


  • NCSS Conference –November 16-18, 2012, Seattle, WA

  • NYSCSS Conference – TBA

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