Dear Council Leaders,


It is time to decide who will represent your state or locality in the 54th House of Delegates meeting at this year's Denver conference.


Quick HOD Background for New Leaders:

Made up of representatives from state, local and regional councils, as well as NCSS associated groups and communities, the HOD meeting is a forum for social studies leaders from a range of perspectives and places to bring ideas, suggestions and concerns about social studies issues to the attention of the NCSS Board of Directors.


Guidelines for Affiliate HOD Representation:

The number of delegates for each affiliated council in the HOD is determined by joint membershipundefinedthe number of council members that are also members of NCSS. Councils must have verified the number of joint members by submitting a crosschecked roster in addition to the application to be seated. The rubric for HOD representation is below:


Joint Members                              # of Delegates

     10-24                                                1

     25-49                                                2

     50-99                                                3

    100-199                                             4

    200-299                                             5

    300-399                                             6

(one delegate is assigned for each additional 100 joint members)


Attached Documents:

1. Delegate Form 

2. A list of councils, joint member numbers and the number of delegates each council is eligible for according to affiliation papers for your reference in completing the form.

3. Detailed HOD Historical Background


The delegate form should be submitted by October 15th. 

Our goal is to bring together the most inclusive assembly of social studies leaders, so we strongly encourage each council to participate in the meeting and to send all allotted delegates if possible.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this process.  

Warm Regards,

Kristen Pekarek

Kristen Pekarek
Program Assistant, External Relations
& Council Communications

National Council for the Social Studies
8555 Sixteenth St., Suite 500
Silver Spring, MD 20910
301-588-1800 ext. 107
(fax) 301-588-2049

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