Cultural Education Committee Charge

1. Maintain close working relationships with cultural education facilities that offer programs

to assist Elementary, Middle level and Secondary Education.

2. Develop programs to promote our members awareness of the utility of Cultural Education

 materials and institutions, in instruction.

3. Develop programs to promote awareness in Cultural Education institutions to the need     

for, the benefits of, Elementary, Middle Level and Secondary education programs and


4. Serve as the liaison body linking the professional social studies teacher and the Cultural

 Education community.

5. Develop and publish materials calling the attention of members to the benefits and utility

of Cultural Education in the instructional process.

6. Cause the development and distribution of materials that facilitate the utilization of

Cultural Education materials in schools and associated institutions.

7. Promote awareness of the needs of Elementary, Middle Level and Secondary education

among the institutions of Cultural Education in New York.

8. Promote the use of allied professions to accomplish the goals of the Social Studies.

9. Provide at least one article for the TIME & PLACE or other publications of the council.

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